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How to leverage your Global Executive Ph.D. for business success
At its core, research creates new knowledge, and knowledge creation that is at the service of business is fundamental to the Global Executive Ph.D. programme. As research practitioners, programme participants embark upon a journey at the intersection of the business and academic worlds to generate a positive impact in their sector and society.

Join us for this ESCP Executive Education Webinar to hear directly from our participants about their experiences and discover why they decided to produce original research, how they are managing this ambitious project with their elite careers and what they see as the benefits of the Global Executive Ph.D. programme.

We will be joined by Margot Drancourt-de Lasteyrie (Director of the Global Executive Ph.D.), Professor Almudena Cañibano (Global Executive Ph.D. Faculty Member), Philip Glynn (Global Executive Ph.D., Class of 2025), and Paméla Chin Foo (Global Executive Ph.D., Class of 2025).


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