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[Executive MBA webinar] Negotiating and leading virtually: meeting points
Virtual negotiations and virtual leadership is not new, but it definitely has become more mainstream over the last 18 months.

Leadership and negotiation both require a high degree of communication, exchange of information and trust, that nobody would argue. Both have an objective in mind, whether it is about getting engagement to achieve results with a team, or closing a deal, or taking a collective decision to find a solution to a problem, here are two dimensions of human activity that have most been associated with physical presence and trust building to be effective. If we use cultural semantics we would say that they are both very high context experiences, meaning that there is a lot of implicit communication and reading between the lines that goes on in both scenarios. Do you want to get bad feedback from your boss by email? Would you feel safe building a business relationship to close a deal however explicit your written contract is?

Join Prof. Diana Clarke to take a look at how some of our communication habits have and are, still changing in this virtual context, and establish which ones are stubbornly remaining the same.

The webinar will be followed by a brief presentation of the Executive MBA


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