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DEI in times of economic downturn: Why continuing commitment to diversity in business matters
The global, economic downturn has forced businesses to reassess their situation and save costs to avoid, in the best case, lay-offs. In doing so, management also frequently looks to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts at their contribution to a company’s success. In some cases, as a result, often cut down on personal development training or indeed, challenge the DEI work.

Behind such a reasoning is the misleading idea that diversity automatically equals profitability, the simple business case for DEI. Such a move undermines the commitment of a company to DEI and runs the risk of stopping to hire and retain a diverse workforce. To reap the benefits of diversity in a company, including financial ones, DEI requires considerable planning and effort in the mid- to long-term.

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in the case of continuing commitment to DEI in business. As part of LGBT+ history month, we focus specifically on LGBTIQ+ and look at the potential and opportunities that DEI in general, and the LGBT+ Leadership Programme specifically can offer.
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Dr Jean-Luc Vey
Board Member @PROUT AT WORK Foundation
Jean-Luc Vey, born in southern France in 1967, is a telecommunications engineer and holds a PhD in physics. He has lived in Germany since 1995 and has worked in the IT department of Deutsche Bank since 1999, in the field of innovation and digitalisation Jean-Luc was one of the founders of DB Pride, Deutsche Bank's diversity network for LGBT*IQ employees, in 2000 and was one of the leaders until 2013. He has been a co-founder and board member of the PROUT AT WORK Foundation in Germany since 2013. In addition, Jean-Luc was included in the 2016 Financial Times "Future Global LGBT Leaders" list
Dr Stephan Schmuck
Programme Director LGBT+ @ESCP Business School
Dr. Stephan Schmuck is the programme director of the LGBT+ Leadership seminar at ESCP Business School, Berlin. Among his duties as programme manager, he has been teaching in the school’s Bachelor programme in economic history, liberal arts and the first DEI seminar for the Bachelor programme entitled “ The Value of Differences: Getting Serious about Diversity and Inclusion”.