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[Executive MBA Masterclass] Towards sustainable value ecosystems: Systems thinking to fix broken global supply chains
We are living scarcity times: in the last few years, younger consumers have been confronted to empty shelves probably for the first time in their lives. Shortages of toilet paper during COVID-19 lockdowns, limited supplies of sunflower oil during the Ukraine war outbreak, the semiconductors crisis, … Supply chain disruptions are one of the factors driving inflation and higher prices and are creating an intensified level of uncertainty.

The current supply chain crisis signposts the need for a paradigm shift in the way this complex system of interconnected and interdependent agents is conceived and managed. Building more resilient and flexible production-distribution-consumption systems with the ability to address nowadays challenges, such as environmental, social and governance risks, is a must. This requires a holistic (and circular) perspective and an increased level of collaboration and partnership that redesigns the supply chain into a veritable sustainable value ecosystem.

Join Prof. Ruth Carrasco in this Masterclass to explore how those supply chain ecosystems will look like.
The session will be followed by a brief presentation of the Executive MBA


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